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Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Exam Prep

Crosswind Learning has CAPM® Exam products for every learning style and every lifestyle. As you begin your journey to attain the CAPM® certification, Crosswind products will help you achieve your goals with accelerated learning approaches designed into our products.
Crosswind CAPM® Exam products include:

Bootcamp Manual with Exam Simulation Application
Full Exam Simulation with over 150 tests and over 5100 questions
Exam Study System
Questions Book
Flip Notes Book
Placemat Combo Pack
MP3 Audio (18 hours via download or CD)
Quick Reference Guides

Crosswind Learning products allow you to minimize your study time and maximize learning, understanding and retention. As you invest in your future, invest with Crosswind and maximize the outcome, Crosswind style!

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