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The Crosswind Difference

The Crosswind Difference:

Providing PMP Exam Courses since 2000

  • Instructor and Book Author exam application assistance
  • Pre & Post Course instructor and Author phone, email, meeting support hotline
  • You can attend multiple courses at no extra charge (if life or work delays your exam)*
  • Crosswind training materials used by PMI Chapters and Universities worldwide
  • Learn how to simplify the complex exam calculations
  • Learn how to do a brain dump
  • Discover what you really need to know about ITTOs (Inputs, Tools & Techniques, Outputs)
  • Post course exit exam to simulate the real exam and review with your trainer for final study plan steps before the exam
  • Self Paced eLearning that aligns with study material and live/virtual live courses
  • Classroom and Virtual online live options for maximum schedule flexibility
  • Dedicated Classroom with High Definition Video Equipment and High Speed Internet for maximizing student experience
  • Courses taught by Author of 35 PM books, Tony Johnson and his team of trainers
  • Crosswind’s Bootcamp Manual is the gold standard of Exam Prep Books

PMP Exam Main Image 3-01PMP Exam Success Series: Study System includes:

  • Bootcamp Manual
  • Flip Notes Book
  • Laminated Placemat/Wall Posters
  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Online Content accessible anywhere




Online content (in any web browser) includes the following:

  • Over 5,200 Practice questions (with full explanations) in over 150 different practice exams
  • Over 18 hours of downloadable audio for terminology and the PMBOK® Guide processes
  • Flashcards application
  • Exam application tools including an Excel workbook for hours, and sample application PDF
  • 600+ item online searchable glossary
  • Mindmaps for each knowledge and process in the PMBOK® Guide



PMP Exam Course Workbook-01Course Exercise Workbook includes the following:

  • Matching terminology exercises for over 600 terms by subject area
  • 280 Earned Value Calculations
  • 10 Expected Monetary Value (EMV)/Decision Tree Exercises
  • 10 Network Diagram (Forward/Backward Pass) Exercises
  • 18 Slack Exercises
  • 4 Communication Channels Exercises
  • Quality Tool Matching Exercises
  • Step by Step shortcuts to understand how to get every calculation on the exam correct!

The Crosswind instructors and coaches are managed by CEO & Founder, Tony Johnson.  He personally selects and trains each instructor and coach in the Crosswind method of classroom delivery.  You will find your instructor or coach passionate about the subject, able to communicate it effectively, and able to adjust or adapt to help you get the most out of the course experience.  Each instructor and coach is a practicing project, program, and/or portfolio manager; holds relevant certifications and, often, advanced degrees; and recognizes how and when to apply both theory and reality.

  • Tony Johnson, MBA, PMP, PgMP, PfMP

    Tony Johnson, MBA, PMP, PgMP, PfMP


    Tony Johnson, MBA, PMP, PgMP, PfMP


    Tony has over 20 years of experience in industries such as telecommunications, financial, consulting, hardware, software development, education (more…)

  • Greg Shetler, PhD, PMP, PgMP

    Greg Shetler, PhD, PMP, PgMP


    Greg Shetler, PhD, PMP, PgMP


    Greg has over 28 years of experience in project and program management in areas such as military and defense contractor, financial services, healthcare and IT.


  • Adrian Terry, CSM, PMP

    Adrian Terry, CSM, PMP


    Adrian Terry, CSM, PMP

    Adrian has 15 years experience in the Airline, Consulting and Auto Finance industries.  His background includes the breadth of Program and Project Management. (more…)

Crosswind courseware is second to none.  It is the courseware of choice for PMI Chapters, universities, training companies, and internal training organizations. The products offered by Crosswind accommodate every learning style, lifestyle, and approach.

Crosswind has delivered PMP Exam Prep courses throughout the United States since 2000. Crosswind curriculum is used in 72 countries to date. The courses are taught by CEO & Founder, Tony Johnson and his team of trainers. The trainers have been personally selected and trained on the Crosswind way by Tony himself.

One thing we commonly hear from students, before they meet us, is how hard the PMP exam application is to complete. Crosswind works with our students to get the application created and submitted. We can’t create the application for you, but we are there at every step along the way as needed pre-course and post-course. Also included in your course are tools that let you breakdown your experience hours and a sample application in PDF format.

The PMP credential can change careers and take them to the next level. No two students have the exact same situation. That said, Crosswind is there for you before, during and after the course for face to face meeting, chat, email, or phone calls to support you in your PMP Exam application and study attack plan. Why take a chance, let your trainer or Tony himself tell you when you appear to be ready for the exam.

Project Managers are busy people. Sometimes life or work gets in the way of your studies. Crosswind understands and is here to support you. You can sit through up to three complete courses in a year at no additional charge, other than any new study materials (as applicable). We find that sometimes students simply like to hear the material again to ensure they have a solid foundation and increase in confidence. Strong confidence going into the test can be your most important tool. Crosswind will help you deliver.

Crosswind training materials are used by PMI chapters, universities and training companies world wide. The Crosswind training material, personally authored by CEO & Founder, Tony Johnson simplifies the approach to getting your arms around the PMBOK® Guide related foundation of knowledge and the quirks of the PMP exam that have helped create it’s reputation as one of the more challenging exams around. Don’t just use the best material, instead, get it from the source directly: Crosswind!

The calculations that can be on the PMP Exam are perceived as complex and challenging. At Crosswind we have secrets like the triangles, tick-tac-toe diagrams and more to simplify every PMP exam calculation and make it a given that you get it right on the exam. Instead of memorizing pages of formulas, learn the secrets to simplify the calculations, minimize anxiety and maximize confidence on the exam.

A brain dump is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for the exam. It’s the information you copy on paper during the 15 minute tutorial before the exam. Learn the Crosswind way to do a brain dump as it aligns with how you process information. It will be your key reference during the real exam.

Over the years we met many students who said they were told they needed to memorize all the ITTOs in the PMBOK® Guide. There were around 400 for all processes when we started giving classes. Now there are over 600 across all 47 processes. Learn the secret three steps of how to translate ITTO questions and answer them successfully. No need to memorize all the ITTOs here.

When the course is over you will take a course exit exam. It is graded by your trainer and then an exit interview occurs. The exit interview is a one on one meeting where your trainer will look at how you scored on the exit exam, your involvement in class, how crazy work and life are at the time and make a recommendation on what specific steps you should do next as well as how soon you should schedule your exam. If your trainer recommends follow up, that is included as well.

Crosswind has self paced e-learning that you can use before your course to allow you to make the most of your classroom experience. The e-learning is also good for post course fine tuning on specific subjects. There is a video for each of the 47 processes as well as each type of calculation. Also included are 72 question videos with 5 questions each where Tony Johnson walks you through the thought process of how to interpret/translate each question and answer to get to the best option.

Flexibility is the key. Crosswind offers live classroom and virtual online live courses to accommodate the busy project manager. Do you sometimes travel for work. Attend an evening or weekend class when in town and log on when on the road. Our virtual online live courses are not death by powerpoint. The Crosswind classroom has high definition video equipment, high speed internet and our trainers are experienced in engaging the online learner.

The 600+ Square Foot, Crosswind classroom at its headquarters in Carrollton, Texas is equipped with high definition video equipment, high speed internet, large dry erase boards, with comfortable chairs and tables to allow the student to stay comfortable, yet engaged.

Crosswind courses are taught by Tony Johnson (the author of 35+ books on project management, and holder of 14 different certifications) and his team of personally trained coaches and trainers. Our trainers are not someone we find when a class makes (like a great deal of companies). You will never hear them say, “Refer to the PMBOK® Guide”. You will get a detailed answer either before the day is done or before the course is done.

The Crosswind PMP® Exam Success Series Bootcamp Manual is the gold standard of Exam Prep books. It’s been a best seller among PMI chapters and University programs for years. Go with the material that the PMI Chapters and Universities use, Crosswind!