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When selecting a company for professional development, there are a number of factors to consider. The technology behind the experience, the instructors or coaches and their ability to utilize the live virtual environment, the material, pre and post course support and schedule flexibility.

At Crosswind, our live online (virtual) public courses are held at our training center in our Dallas, Texas headquarters. The classroom is equipped with high-definition video, high-speed internet, professional quality sound systems including wireless microphones, and a four channel audio mixer to deliver a consistent online experience. It also utilizes multimedia assets to enhance the learning experience beyond typical courses offered in hotel conference rooms. When the course is complete, we also have a private exit interview with each student, so they know next steps and get any final study plans. Our goal for the live virtual course is to have it be as engaging and interactive an experience as if you were in the classroom.

The Crosswind instructors and coaches start with CEO & Founder, Tony Johnson. He selects and trains our instructors and coaches on the Crosswind way of course delivery. You will find your instructor or coach passionate about the subject, able to communicate it effectively especially in the live virtual environment, and able to adjust or adapt to help you get the most out of the course experience. The instructors and coaches are all practicing project, program and portfolio managers as well as holding various certifications and advanced degrees. The instructors and coaches know theory and reality and recognize how and when to apply both.

Crosswind courseware is second to none. It is the courseware of choice for PMI Chapters, universities, training companies and internal training organizations. Books, exam simulation apps, audio, video, placemats and quick reference guides. We have products that work with every learning style and approach.

Pre and post course support are critical to the Crosswind method. There is so much more to professional development than just the time in the classroom. When you sign up for a course, what kind of communication do you get? Do you get instructions about how to make the most of the time before the course? Does your material get shipped to you to get a jump start on preparing for the class? What about post-course follow up and availability? Is the instructor available to meet? Call? Email? At Crosswind rule #1 is Take care of people and it starts with you.

Project managers and busy go together. Schedule flexibility is key here. Some companies charge a fee to move from one course date to another. Not Crosswind. With Crosswind FlexClass, we recognize that as a busy professional, life can also get in the way. If you need to change your course date, just contact us. If you attend a course and want to sit through additional sessions to fill any gaps or hear a subject again to reinforce, that’s why we are here. Flexibility in helping you achieve your professional development goals. If you are traveling and not sure when you will be where then the Crosswind virtual live courses are for you; Monday to Thursday, Tuesday evenings, four consecutive Saturdays. If you have a need and an internet connection, then Crosswind has an option for you.

Select a subject, and date and let the future start now wherever your work takes you!



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