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Crosswind PMP and CAPM Exam Course Guaranty Details

Crosswind Course Guarantee Details 

Project Management Professional (PMP)® and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Exam Live Classroom and Live Online Guarantee Details (Does not apply to self-paced live classes.)

This course also includes the Crosswind Flex-Class option that allows you to attend additional sessions at no charge (other than course material updates when the exam changes), to reinforce learning, or to keep your studies current if life gets in the way of the exam.

The Crosswind Flex-Class Option (Guarantee) to any student is as follows once you enroll in a course. 

1. You can attend any live classroom or live virtual course for the PMP® certification or CAPM® certification to get ready for your exam. 
2. If you miss any sessions before your initial class is complete, you can attend any specific session or the complete course.
3. If you need to move your course date, you can do so by emailing, or calling 214-764-1338 X1.
4. You will be required to take an exit exam as part of the course to complete the course and get the completion certificate.  This will follow up with a course exit interview by your trainer with steps to schedule your exam, or to fill any gaps in your learning.
5. Your Crosswind trainer and/or Crosswind founder Tony Johnson will work with you as needed for a post course study plan to fine tune your studies before you take/re-take your exam.
6. The Crosswind trainer and/or Crosswind founder Tony Johnson can make assignments you need to follow to continue making progress in the program. 6. You can attend any sessions or complete courses to fill any gaps in learning/preparation after your initial course is complete.
7. You can attend a live classroom or virtual live course, regardless of the format (live classroom or virtual live) you signed up for originally.
8. The ONLY CHARGE for any of these items is if there are course materials that are updated since you last took the course.  For example, every five years (but could be more frequent) when thePMBOK® Guide changes, our main book and entire study system is updated to reflect those changes.
9. Crosswind reserves the option to cancel a class if there are not enough new students to cover trainer and overhead costs, even if you are on a sit-in roster for that class.
10. Once you are certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP)®, if you want to attend the course again for 36 PDUs (Professional Development Units) toward maintaining your PMP® credential, the price of the course would be $749.00 USD. Your PMP® Membership Number is required for that price.

The guarantee associated with reimbursement of the retake fee ($275.00 USD) applies if the following conditions are met: 
1. You take the actual PMP® exam or CAPM® exam within 30 days of the class ending, or otherwise getting written approval from Crosswind via email as an exception to this condition.
2. You do all course assignments during your course duration.  Generally, this will be chapter questions that are assigned between class sessions and copied brain dumps until it is memorized.  The general measurement here is being able to do a detailed brain dump from memory for your trainer in less than 15 minutes to the trainer’s satisfaction.
3. You score 90% or greater on the course exit exam.  NOTE:  If you are retaking the exit exam (we don’t charge extra for that), we reserve the option to give you a different exit exam than your initial exam to ensure you are ready for the exam and not simply memorizing answers.

If you have any questions or need clarification on anything regarding any of these details, please email or call 214-764-1338 X1 for more information.  To get started on your journey to become a PMP or CAPM, click HERE!
Tony Johnson, MBA, PMP, PgMP, PfMP
CEO & FounderCrosswind Learning