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Crosswind Registered Company Coordinator (RCC) Page

Introducing the new Crosswind Registered Company Coordinator (RCC) program at Crosswind Learning. We are striving to make a viable impact on the project management community through our courses, products and industry updates.  

Now we can help you make an impact in your workplace by empowering you to build a network among project managers at other companies, as well as within your own organization. 

What is this?The definition is simple:  A Crosswind Registered Company Coordinator (RCC) is a liaison between Crosswind Learning and any organization.  It is a relationship that is mutually beneficial to the organization, the individual, and Crosswind Learning.  The organization can use this liaison to strengthen communication between all its project management employees.  

The liaison (RCC) benefits from the name exposure and networking within their organization and among Crosswind Learning RCCs.  Crosswind Learning provides certification training and a private communication forum on linked in and facebook. 

How does it work? 

​​The individual contact point (the RCC) is listed on a coordinator directory on the private communication forum on linked in and facebook.  Only RCCs will be able to access this area.  This directory gives the RCC connections outside of their own organization. 

The networking benefits grow, as the RCC program grows.  Crosswind Learning also provides a forum to supply information, certification updates, and allow RCCs to network by asking questions, sharing advice, and connecting across industries. What is required? 

This volunteer would serve at the following capacities:

  1. Be available to network and be a point of contact with other project managers within their corporation and among Crosswind Learning RCCs.
  2. Promote certification through training for company project managers and agile practitioners.
  3. Improve and facilitate communication for project managers and agile practitioners at their organization.
  4. Establish themselves as a resource to assist project managers and agile practitioners in their organization and answer questions regarding certification and training.
  5. Earn referral fees (up to $50 a person) for anyone you refer to a Crosswind Learning course. 

How do I sign up?
If this sounds like a something you would be interested in, here is what you need to do to get started:

Email info@crosswindpm.comwith the following information.

  1. First and last name
  2. Company name, address, city, state, zip
  3. Personal email address
  4. Company email address
  5. Facebook name (if applicable)
  6. Linkedin name (if applicable)

​What happens after that?

  1. We will subscribe you to a private linked in and/or facebook group within 2-3 business days or less.
  2. Next sign in to Linkedin and Facebook and begin connecting to our other Crosswind Learning RCCs.
  3. Crosswind will post on these groups and email you from time to time about course, credential and industry information. 

Thank you, we look forward to hopefully working with you on the Crosswind RCC program.


Tony Johnson, MBA, PMP, PgMP, PfMP
CEO & Founder
Crosswind Learning

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