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Instructors and Coaches

At Crosswind, we only work with the best. Our instructors and coaches meet rigorous quality criteria to join the Crosswind team. Some of the most important traits include depth of knowledge, passion about the subject and sharing it with people, and the ability to adapt and communicate effectively.

All instructors and coaches are personally trained by Crosswind CEO and Founder, Tony Johnson on the Crosswind way to deliver the curriculum. This includes the psychology of an exam environment, Crosswind Math and related topics like earned value, critical path analysis (forward-backward pass), expected monetary value. Instructors and coaches are also trained on how to deliver the Crosswind secret approach to understanding the ITTOs (Inputs, Tools & Techniques, Outputs) and creating an effective brain dump for exam day.

Based in Dallas, our instructors are real life practitioners of what they teach. With many years of hands-on experience, they are Project and program managers, business analysts and agile practitioners. They know the theory and reality of subjects, and just as importantly, they know when to know the difference.

Learn from the experts in the field and in the classroom. Learn from the best, Crosswind!


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