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Tony’s 4 Hour Free Intro to Project Management Course

by Tony Johnson,

Tony’s Free 4 Hour Intro to Project Management Course (Call 214-764-1338 X1 for more info)


Most people at work today do some form of project work every day, if not all day. Project management is more than simply building something. There is an organized approach to how to scope out, plan, execute, control and close projects as needed.

Learn from Crosswind CEO, Founder and Author Tony Johnson an introduction to project management in a FREE four hour course located at our office in Carrollton, Texas, or online live via live webinar.

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone wanting to learn more about project management and how it can impact their work
  • Team members new to project work
  • Project managers wanting to formalize their approach to project work
  • Technical people that became “Accidental” project managers
  • Professionals evolving their careers to project management

See our various course dates and formats to get started today! Fill out the form below or call 214-764-1338 X1 to reserve your spot today or for more information.

You might wonder why this course is free? Is it too good to be true? At Crosswind it’s how we give back to the profession, and our customer base as well as it also provides an opportunity for those who don’t know us to learn more about us and our classroom experience.

The week before the course an invitation letter will be emailed to you with address information or log in information. We suggest you use a personal email address as sometimes company systems will block the invite email.


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