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Free PMP Terms and Definitions

Understanding common project management terms can be a challenge for all project managers. To help you understand those terms and definitions Crosswind Project Management has created a free to use glossary to help in your pmp training. In this page you will find the terms and definitions associated within the component areas of framework to get a better understanding of how this process works and relates to project management.

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Alternative AnalysisA technique used to evaluate project execution approaches
CadenceThe rhythm of activities conducted throughout the project.
CapacityThe amount of work that can be completed in a defined time period taking into consideration the need to perform administrative tasks, the need to perform other work, and absence
Cease and Desist LetterA letter sent to a party demanding that they stop (cease) something, and not do it again (desist).
Checklist AnalysisAn evaluation of project checklists to determine their effectiveness
Cycle TimeThe total elapsed time to move a unit of work from the beginning to the end of the process
Cycle Time ChartA diagram that displays the average cycle period of work (features, tasks) completed over time.
Feedback LoopA control process within a process or system that uses cause and effect to improve the process or system
Flow chartGraphic representation of logic stream for business process or software operation
KaizenThe philosophy of continuous improvement
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Last Responsible Moment An approach to delay a decision so the team can consider multiple options to the point that cost of any longer delay outweighs the benefit.
Minimum Business Increment (MBI)The smallest value that can be added to the product to benefit customers or the business.
Minimum Marketable Feature (MMF)The smallest unit of functionality required for the customer to realize value
Minimum Viable Product (MVP)An approach to define the initial scope of a release to customers with the fewest requirements that deliver value.
NegotiationThe art of reaching an agreement or resolving issues between two or more parties
Procurement AuditsExaminations of contracts and contract processes for legality, completeness, accuracy, and effectiveness
Project Work Performance DomainThe performance domain associated with identifying project processes, managing physical resources, and creating a learning environment.
Term ContractA contract type where the seller delivers a set amount of service, typically measured in hours over a predefined timeframe.
Theory of Constraints (also called Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints)The hypothesis that every system is negatively impacted by a small number of limitations and there is always at least one limitation; addressed by the Five Focusing Steps of determining the goal, determining the bottleneck, exploiting the bottleneck, subordinating other decisions to the bottleneck, elevating the bottleneck, and repeating the steps
Version ControlA system that keeps track of changes to a file, so that you can access older versions if needed.
Visual Data and InformationArtifacts that organize and display work data and information in a graphical format, including graphs, charts, diagrams, and matrices.
What-If Scenario AnalysisThe process of evaluating counterfeit situations to determine their impact on the project
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