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PMP Prep

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July 29-Aug 1, 2024

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M - Th (Weekday)

July 29-Aug 1, 2024

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PMP Prep

4 Saturdays

Aug 3-24, 2024

(Early Bird Pricing) normally $1495

PMP Prep

M - Th (Weekday)

Sept 16-19, 2024

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M - Th (Weekday)

Sept 16-19, 2024

(Early Bird Pricing) normally $1495

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Classroom and Online Live Courses

Get the best PMP certification training available with PMI approved 35 contact hour courses and pass the PMP exam with confidence!  Agile/Scrum courses and customized onsite training at your location are also available.  Our public PMP certification training is available in the following formats:

– Classroom

– Online Live

– Weekday Schedule and Weekend Schedule

– Onsite At Your Location

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Physical Courseware and Study Products

Get self-study material for PMP Training and certification and pass the PMP exam on your first try!

  • Bootcamp Manuals 
  • Certification Study Systems
  • Audio CDs/MP3s
  • Flashcards

Digital Courseware and Study Products

PMP training online at its finest with Crosswind products. You can learn at your own pace anywhere, any time, and on any device with Crosswind digital products. Digital products include: 

  • Self-paced Online courseware
  • Online materials (No PMBOK Guide required)
  • Exam Simulation Application (Over 4,800 questions)
  • Audio MP3 downloads
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Crosswind in the Project Management Community

Tony PMI

In the month of June 2022, Crosswind Project Management Inc. CEO and Founder Tony Johnson attended the PMI Pikes Peak Regional Chapter Convention as a guest speaker. Tony was presented with a Speaker Appreciation Certificate by the PMI President. Tony presented on PMBOK Guide 7th edition and Upcoming Exam Changes, knowledge areas, ITTO’s and the 49 processes that are no longer in the PMBOK Guide, 7th edition. 

If you are interested in hearing about these changes, Tony recently did a live webinar covering the new PMBOK Guide 7th Edition. Click Here to watch on YouTube.

2024 Crosswind Courses and Courseware Updates

All Crosswind PMP training courses and courseware are updated to align with the current 2024 PMP Exam.  These updates include our best-selling PMP Exam Bootcamp Manual, Premium Exam Simulation Application, PMP Certification Study System, and PMTV PMP self-paced online training.

At the beginning of 2021, PMI officially cut over to a new PMP Exam Content Outline (ECO) that reflects three new performance domains:  People, Processes, and Business Environment.  Per ISO 17024, which is what the PMP Certification must align with as an ANSI Standard, this Exam Content Outline (ECO) will be what the PMP Exam is based on from 2021 to late 2024/early 2025.

A common misinterpretation is that the current PMP Exam and related PMP certification training should be based on the seventh edition of the PMBOK Guide.  It’s important to note that per PMI, the PMP Exam as of the beginning of 2021, is based on the Exam Content Outline (ECO), and that it does not align with the current or past PMBOK Guide any longer.  The PMBOK guide has been “decoupled” from the PMP Exam.  Along with other project management books, the PMBOK Guide could be used as a reference to create exam questions.

Crosswind courses and products are the gold standard as the best PMP Exam training and best PMP Exam courseware.  As of this website update, the current version of the Crosswind product line has resulted in a 100% pass rate of everyone that has taken our course, with only one single student failing the exam based on purchasing our study material since January 02, 2021.

PMBOK Guide Seventh Edition is Released

In the summer of 2021, PMI released the long-awaited update to the PMBOK Guide.  The new version is the seventh edition and is about 550+ pages less than the sixth edition.  Some of the major updates include the following:

  • This is the first version that does not serve as a replacement to the previous version. That means that there are items in the sixth edition that a project manager might want to reference that are not in the seventh edition when they are applying project management in the workplace.
  • The PMBOK Guide seventh edition no longer has knowledge areas or process groups.
  • The PMBOK Guide seventh edition no longer has processes, or Inputs, Tools and Techniques, or Outputs.
  • The new edition includes performance domains and principles. NOTE:  These are not simply a rename of items from the sixth edition.
  • The models, methods, and artifacts section of the new PMBOK Guide include large numbers of common techniques and documents that were referenced in the sixth edition.
  • The PMBOK Guide seventh edition needs the sixth edition or process groups practice guide as a basis to help identify the processes you will apply in the workplace.
  • The seventh edition is NOT the basis, nor a reference for the current PMP Exam, other than content that was already in the sixth edition PMBOK Guide.

Real talk from our real customers

Loyal clients, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend Crosswind, they insist that their co-workers and friends do business with Crosswind because we have earned their trust!

On Site

This is the BEST PMP Training Course on EARTH!!!

Nanette Faccilonga
Nanette Faccilonga April 21, 2022
On Site


Best PMP coach EVER!! Thanks, Tony!

Tuesday Dickens
Tuesday Dickens March 23, 2022

Love the material, just wish I could get the book in a PDF format.

David Burt
David Burt February 4, 2022
On Site

When I researched Project Management “Boot Camps”, I found Crosswind PM as a great value. But I was blown away by how much depth there was behind their products. While “the other guys” were trying to get me to go to Vegas or focus on how great the lunches were, Tony and Crosswind focused on actually teaching me the Project Management material. They certainly included test strategies, but also focused on how to apply the material in my career. And yes, I passed the test on the first pass! Thanks Tony and the entire Crosswind Team!

Ed Faulkner
Ed Faulkner December 23, 2021

Easy ordering process. item received in a couple of days. Had an issue up front as it appeared I needed to create a login ID IOT purchase the item (as the error message indicated). A quick response by the staff allowed me to make the purchase without incident.

C Jensen
C Jensen December 15, 2021
On Site

I have had the pleasure of attending several classes with Tony. He is an effective instructor and provides class materials and examples which are relevant to the real world. Over the years I have sent several peers to Tony with each of them were successful in achieving the certifications they were seeking. I would highly encourage anyone seeking a project management certification to attend classes with Tony.

Jerry Glasscock
Jerry Glasscock October 19, 2021
On Site

I attended Tony's PMP Boot camp. He was clear, concise, organized, and helpful. I was able to pass the PMP exam without ever cracking the PMBOK thanks to Tony.

Joe Southwell
Joe Southwell October 3, 2021
On Site

When I decided to go for the PMP, I was a little overwhelmed, but a colleague recommended Tony and his company. I completely understand why. Tony was great! He went above and beyond to make sure the other students and I understood the materials and their relevance. Tony also truly cared about his students and their success. I would highly recommend Tony and his company. I couldn't have earned the PMP without him.

Kristie Kubovic
Kristie Kubovic September 12, 2021
On Site

Tony is tenacious about project management. Over the years I've known Tony as a project management professional, he has been tireless, and successful, in his pursuit of excellence. He makes an effort to remain up to date and pass on what he learns to those he mentors. It's uncommon to find someone who can be so focused while still being a great leader and mentor.

Laura Strombaugh
Laura Strombaugh September 4, 2021
On Site

Tony Johnson’s Project Management education program prepared me to successfully earn three PMI certificates: PMP, PMI-ACP, and PMI-RMP. Tony focuses his efforts on making learners like me into effective professionals. The most important result of Tony’s coaching and study materials were the thought processes he provided in his instruction and workbooks because these methods helped me to successfully lead my colleagues, and our project teams to complete regulatory driven projects in our global programs. Tony’s books and materials continue to help me to manage financial and compliance projects for Citigroup. I strongly recommend you connect with Tony for PMI certification excellence, leadership, and professional development for yourself and your staff.

Bryan Miller
Bryan Miller August 10, 2021
On Site

Tony trained me for PMP Prep during the Dallas, TX Boot camp. I enjoyed the fact that I was being taught by the author of the book and he was very knowledgeable on techniques to remember knowledge areas and phase deliverables. I returned from the class and was prepared to take the PMP test. I scheduled the test, followed Tony's tips and passed the test with flying colors. Tony was a great teacher and mentor during this process. Even after I was a PMP, I communicated with Tony on ideas and asked for his advice. Tony has been very supportive and helpful in helping me develop as a PMP. Thanks Tony!

Jeff Blackman
Jeff Blackman July 10, 2021
On Site

Tony was my knight in shining armor! Without Tony's dedication and continuous dedication, I would have never passed the PMP examination. His opened mind allowed us both to develop a unique business situation where we both achieved a win-win situation. Thank you, Tony!

Wanda Curlee
Wanda Curlee April 30, 2021
On Site

I've had the unique pleasure of both working with Tony at Technisource and being taught by him via the PMP Training Seminar. In the course of both events, Tony presented himself with an unassuming professionalism that is both refreshing and necessary when dealing with pressure environments in today's IT world. It was easy to follow his lead as a PM working on high-profile projects, and has been a pleasure to watch how he has applied this experience and used his ingenuity to mold Learn PM Anyware into the full-service IT management solution that is has become today.

Rich Mumley
Rich Mumley February 27, 2021
On Site

I researched several options for PMP preparation and found Tony and his company. Tony's "take care of people first" approach, and sheer depth of his knowledge of all things PM made my decision easy. I had struggled studying for the PMP exam prior to Tony's class, but with 4 days of Tony's teaching I went from being unsure whether I would pass to walking into the exam knowing I was there to just finish the journey and succeed. One of the best choices I have made in my entire career was to choose Tony Johnson as my instructor for my PMP.

Damian Mobley
Damian Mobley February 1, 2021
On Site

Tony is a true leader who understands the technical aspect and also people. he always goes above and beyond to help all in any way he can. He brings a lot of knowledge, confidence and team camaraderie to everything he is involved with and in my experience has always been a pleasure to work with.

Robin Short
Robin Short January 24, 2021
On Site

Tony believes in excellence in the educational realm. He provided great tips and excellent services- literature, CDs etc. in order to assist me in my quest to become PMP certified. I am also going to enlist Tony's services once more to apply and pass the PgMP Certification. Tony is a consummate professional and I highly recommend engagement should you require further professional development.

Danny Cahill
Danny Cahill December 20, 2020

3 day PMI-ACP bootcamp was great! I feel thoroughly prepared for the test, and have already submitted my application. I was the only person in class and Crosswind went ahead and gave the class as scheduled which I greatly appreciated.

Zack Bristow December 9, 2020
On Site

Tony is an excellent mentor, teacher and coach. He goes the extra mile to ensure the success of his students. His number one goal is taking care of people! something that a lot of people take about but rarely put into action. Tony and his company, live this every day.

Stuart Randall
Stuart Randall October 29, 2020
On Site

Tony is an excellent speaker and dedicated supporter of project management. Tony recently spoke at the PMI Dallas Chapter dinner meeting to an audience of 120 professional project managers. Tony kept the audience engaged with his knowledge and experience, and his passion for training and project management. I highly recommend Tony as a speaker and trainer.

Susan Kennedy
Susan Kennedy August 23, 2020
On Site

When I decided to sit for my PMP exam, it had seemed as though there were no more classes being offered before the big January 2021 transition. I had a goal in mind to sit for the test in 2020; I needed to find a way to accomplish this. My boss at the time highly recommended I look into Tony Johnson and his organization - I did just that! The class was past the deadline date for signup but, I called, and to my surprise Tony answered. From day one, he was extremely helpful in guiding me through the process, supporting me and answering my questions. He expedited shipping the textbooks to me, sent me links to prepare and gave me a breakdown of what to expect. I was confident from the get-go! Throughout the process, Tony's passion for teaching the coursework was apparent. Even after the class was complete, he called me before my exam to ensure I was successful on test day! I was successful! I now have to give credit where it's due: I couldn't have done it without Tony and his organization! Thank you, Tony for not only helping me achieve my goal, but making me a better PM altogether!

Nathalie Khoury
Nathalie Khoury March 22, 2020
Sebastiana Clayton November 17, 2019
Cesar Alaniz July 20, 2019

"Crosswind: An Audio Guide to the PMP" is simply fantastic. The experiences and stories Tony and Adrian bring to the table are 2nd to none for understanding the PMBOK process groups. The "discussions on PM" section is a real pleasure to listen to and highly recommended for any aspiring PMP test taker or project manager.

gpanzer January 21, 2019

Had an excellent PMI-ACP prep class with Tony Johnson. His materials and approach were much better than the 2 other PMI prep classes I've attended in the past. Highly recommended.

Paras Bhatt December 20, 2018

I took Crosswind Learning’s PMP Boot Camp in June 2017. I would absolutely recommend Crosswind Learning, this Boot Camp, and especially Tony Johnson to anyone desiring to become PMI PMP certified. Tony and his staff are excellent. The Crosswind program is comprehensive. If you commit yourself to the substantial time and effort required, Tony’s program is all that you need to pass the PMP. Tony was always available to help -- in class, after class, via email or text, he truly cares about his students’ success. I passed the PMP exam on my first attempt 2 weeks after taking the Crosswind class utilizing the personalized plan Tony helped me construct. I give Crosswind and Tony the highest recommendation I can give, 5 Stars!

bob johnson August 23, 2017

I had the privilege of being a Crosswind student in preparing for the PMP exam. Crosswind is a customer/student oriented organization led by the very passionate and humorous Tony Johnson. Tony's personality and passion for helping students learn and be successful is something I will never forget. The course material and learning tools are well designed and I found them extremely beneficial in preparing for my exam. I followed Tony's suggestions outlined in my exit report and was able to Pass the PMP exam on my first attempt. I would highly recommend the Crosswind team to anyone looking for a great learning experience and exam success.


The 4-day boot camp was fantastic. And aptly named. It suited my timing needs and learning style perfectly. I followed the suggested study course and took several of the online tests to better understand the logic behind the questions. Crosswind did a great job explaining what you need to be considering as the PM who's been placed in a challenging situation. I passed the exam a few weeks after taking the course. Thanks, Tony.

Bill Jordan May 5, 2016

Crosswind Learning is a top notch PMI Registered Education Provider. I utilized the Crosswind Learning PMP Exam Success Series and completed the Bootcamp training. The training materials, study techniques, and simulation exam exercises were EXCELLENT and really helped me to prepare for the PMP exam. I felt very confident going into the exam, and I successfully obtained my PMP certification. I highly recommend Crosswind Learning and their training products and services. Tony and his entire organization are passionate about the profession and totally dedicated to helping individuals achieve their professional goals.

Mary Beseda May 2, 2016

I don't give 5 stars rating lightly. Crosswind is the best; very friendly staff, speedy delivery of your coursework, and most of all they do business with credibility & integrity. The author and instructor Tony Johnson is very humble and knowledgeable. Denise (GM) is very responsive, supportive and professional. They let me crash into the training as many times as it took me to absorb all content. Tony gave me this personalized 1 on 1 and prescribed an air-tight exam prep plan. He's brilliant. If you have math allergies, then the bootcamp is the right product for you. Their book is #1 - better than Rita pm Mulcahy. I wish they offered more than PMI certs training.

Khlood Elsayed April 29, 2016

A couple of years ago, I chose Crosswind and Tony Johnson when preparing for the PMP exam. It was the right choice as I successfully passed the exam! I found that Tony was always available for support and questions even after the course completed. Recently my company put out an RFP for PMP training for our PM/BA teams. We evaluated many companies but found that none of them provided the comprehensive training materials and course leadership that Crosswind provides. In addition, it was my prior experience with taking Tony's course and successfully passing the exam that eventually led us to choosing Crosswind. Everyone who attended that class was very pleased with the course and many have already taken and passed the exam. Whether you are looking to attend a PMP Bootcamp for yourself or looking for a training partner for your company, you cannot go wrong with Crosswind Learning.

Daryl Bowdoin April 20, 2016

Crosswind provided materials for studying for the PgMP exam that were outstanding. I previously studied for my PMP with a competitor, and have since had an opportunity to see the Crosswind Success Series. There's no comparison - Crosswind is far superior. Crosswind doesn't just present the material - they provide a complete system of study that helps you learn and remember the material.

Gregory Shetler April 19, 2016

Learn from the best!

LM OT April 16, 2016

Crosswind has an amazing PMP Exam Prep offering. I have seen the results, first hand, for those students who are serious about attaining this certification from PMI. Using the materials and instructors at Crosswind, they are better prepared to understand what PMI expects of a PMP candidate: how to apply project management principles and tools in the delivery of projects. Crosswind has a unique approach for helping students prepare for this exam. If you are looking for the right tool to help you succeed or if you would like to fund a class for your employees, Crosswind should be your brand of choice. I have seen rigorous vendor selection processes for companies who had a need to launch a first-ever, on-site, PMP exam prep course. Crosswind won the opportunity…and their employees won on the PMI exam. Choose wisely.

Adrian Terry April 15, 2016

In my opinion, there is nowhere else to go for training on project management or to prepare for the PMP exam. Tony Johnson and the entire Crosswind team dedicate themselves to taking care of their students and helping them pass the PMP certification exam. The extra time they spent with me, and the other students and the various classroom and online tools available are second to none. They know what it takes to prepare someone for this exam. I passed my exam on the first try. It was not easy, but without a doubt, I would not have passed without the help from Crosswind. I recommend them to any company or individual looking to become PMP certified or any other certification PMI offers. You will not regret it.

Pete Warren April 12, 2016

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