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Free PMP Terms and Definitions

Understanding common project management terms can be a challenge for all project managers. To help you understand those terms and definitions Crosswind Project Management has created a free to use glossary to help in your pmp training. In this page you will find the terms and definitions associated within the component areas of framework to get a better understanding of how this process works and relates to project management.

In project management, framework is an overall systematic approach for managing resource, tools, and processes needed to move a given project through its life-cycle. Framework defines the steps needed to plan, initiate, execute, control, and close a project.

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ArtifactSomething made by the team for the project, especially something that may be reused
Controlling PMOA project management office that provides support and requires compliance in the form of an adoption of mandated project management frameworks, governance frameworks, and/or tools and documentation.
Cost Benefit AnalysisA financial analysis approach that compares the project’s benefits (revenue) to its costs. (Sometimes called a benefit cost analysis.)
DashboardAn information radiator that contains graphical representations depicting progress, trends, and identification of potential issues
Directive PMOA project management office that directly manages projects.
EnterpriseA company, business, or other formal structure that encompasses a business function
Functional OrganizationAn entity that is arranged by department or purpose and focuses on operational work rather than project work
GovernanceA framework for policies, practices, and documentation that an organization applies to projects and operations.
Impact MappingA strategic planning method that results in a visual roadmap for the organization while doing product development.
LogDocumentation of selected items that occur during a project, typically modified to reflect the condition of the item (issue, quality control item, action, or defect)
Matrix OrganizationAn organizational framework that mandates the sharing of responsibility for the assignment of resources and priorities between the project manager and the functional manager
MethodAn approach to produce an outcome, output, result, or project deliverable
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MethodologyA body of rules, practices, processes, and techniques employed within a field
OperationsThe day-to-day repeatable activities that a company performs
Organizational Process AssetsThe process-related assets of the performing organization including, but not limited to, procedures, processes, policies, knowledge bases, templates, documentation, and plans
PolicyA course of action adopted by an organization to facilitate operational and project work
PortfolioThe projects, programs, and other work that comprise the portfolio and are managed in a coordinated manner to accomplish strategic goals
Portfolio ManagementThe coordinated management of the projects, programs, and other work that comprise the portfolio for the purpose of accomplishing strategic goals
Product ManagementThe application of people, processes, data, and systems to create, maintain and update a product or service through its life cycle.
ProgramA group of related projects, subprograms, and program activities administered in a coordinated manner in order to realize benefits that would not be available if administered separately
Program ManagementThe exercise of knowledge, expertise, tools, and techniques to meet program requirements and realize benefits and control unavailable when component projects are administered individually
ProjectA temporary undertaking to produce a unique product, service, or result
Project ArchivesA set of records that correctly describe and document the history of the project
Project ArtifactAny project management document.
Project GovernanceThe alignment of project goals with the strategy established by the organization, the project sponsor, and team; must fit within the organizational governance, but is separate from that organizational governance
Project ManagementThe exercise of knowledge, expertise, tools, and techniques to meet project requirements
Project Management Body of KnowledgeThe total knowledge contained within the project management profession including its practices, both customary and groundbreaking, whether published and non published
Project Management Information System (PMIS)A system, either manual or automated, comprised of the tools and techniques used to amass, incorporate, and disseminate the results of project management processes in order to reinforce all facets of the project
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Project Management Office (PMO)An organization area responsible for standardizing governance processes for projects and for making available resources, methodologies, tools and techniques
Project Management SoftwareAn application that can assist in planning, estimating, organizing, and managing resources.
Projectized OrganizationAn organizational framework that provides the project manager with the authority to establish priorities, assign resources, and direct the work of the project team
RegisterA documented record of evolving project entries such as issues, risks, stakeholders, or defects.
RegulationA requirement of local, state, or federal government that can mandate product, process, or service characteristics including any applicable administrative provisions
ResultThe consequence of completing a series of activities or process; examples include outcomes and documents
StandardAn established norm or requirement
Strategic PlanningLong-term planning by a company (usually three to five years in the future)
Strategy ArtifactDocuments started before or early into the project covering strategic, business and any other high-level information related to the project.
SystemSoftware, hardware, middleware, documentation, and installation and operational procedures
TemplatesA partially completed instrument that provides the desired format for the assemblage, ordering, and presentation of data and information
Triple Bottom LineA framework for looking at the full cost of business, with a focus on profit, people, and the planet.
ValueSomething that is viewed to be useful, have worth, or importance.
Value Delivery Office (VDO)A project delivery support group that focuses on coaching teams, building agile skills and capabilities through the organization. This also includes helping sponsors and product owners maximize their effectiveness to the organization.
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