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Understanding common project management terms can be a challenge for all project managers. To help you understand those terms and definitions Crosswind Project Management has created a free to use glossary to help in your pmp training. In this page you will find the terms and definitions associated within the component areas of framework to get a better understanding of how this process works and relates to project management.

In project management, team is the group of people responsible for executing the tasks and producing deliverables outlined in the project plan and schedule, as directed by the project manager, at whatever level of effort or participation defined for the team.

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CoachingActivities associated with providing guidance and reinforcement to people, so they can be more effective.
ColocationA technique for improving team effectiveness, as well as communication and collaboration among team members, by placing them in close proximity to each other
Cross-Functional Team A group whose members collectively provide the skills required to complete the project
Development Team A self-organizing, cross-functional group of individuals who do the work of the project, including analysis, design, development, testing, technical communication, and documentation
Expert Judgment The opinion of an authority on a project-related subject
Expert Power A capacity in which one uses personal knowledge and expert opinion to get others to do what is desired
Explicit Knowledge Knowledge that can be classified utilizing such symbols as words, numerals, and images.
FacilitationThe ability to direct a group event to achieve a successful conclusion.
Forcing Applying an all or nothing (win/lose) to get the desired result
Functional Manager A manager of any unit that creates a product or executes a service; also known as a line manager
Hierarchy of Needs A pyramid representation of Maslow's Theory that a person's motivation is based on needs (and where the person fits in this pyramid)
Job Shadowing To view individuals performing the tasks required by their positions
KnowledgeThe composite of experience, values and beliefs, contextual information, intuition, and insight that people employ in an attempt to make sense of new experiences and information.
Knowledge ManagementAn approach to align people to share knowledge and work/collaborate together on the project.
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LeadershipThe ability to lead others to achieve desired results. Keys include experience, taking on challenges, and engaging stakeholders.
Majority The votes of more than half of the members of a group, typically used to denote agreement with a decision
Mirroring Matching behavior characteristics of another person or group
Mood ChartA chart for tracking moods or reactions to identify areas that can be improved.
MotivationAn inner drive that moves people to be engaged and want to work to meet the goal of the project.
Observations To view individuals performing the tasks required by their positions
Organization Chart A graphical representation of an organization’s hierarchical framework as well as the relationships between departments and personnel, typically delineating lines of responsibility and authority
Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) A ranked representation of the project organization that illustrates the relationship between activities and their performing organization unit
Organizational TheoryAn approach to establish how to maximize productivity and efficiency with stakeholders on the project.
Power The possible ability to influence behavior or performance of others
Product Owner/Customer The primary business representative who manages the vision and ROI and has the authority to make decisions; also called the product champion and voice of the customer
Programmer-Coach A person, typically a senior programmer, who guides the team in applying XP practices
Project LeadA person who works with the project team to achieve project goals by helping to organize the work. They are also called a project manager.
Project Management TeamThe individuals on the project team who perform project management activities
Project Manager (PM) The person authorized by the performing organization to direct the team accountable for realizing project objectives
Project Team The individuals responsible for reinforcing the project manager in the work of the project in order to realize project objectives
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RecognitionA personal approach to emphasize good behavior, effort, or other attribute instead of simply a result.
Resource Breakdown StructureA representation of resources ranked by category and type
Resource Management PlanA component of the project management plan that defines the manner in which project resources are acquired, allocated, monitored, and controlled.
Resource RequirementsThe types and quantities of resources needed for each activity that makes up a work package.
Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)A graphical representation of the project resources committed to a monitored area of the project, such as a work package; typically applies RACI (responsibly, accountable, consult, inform) indicators to depict the form of commitment
RewardA tangible item given to someone based on an achievement.
Reward and Recognition PlanA formal approach to reinforce desired performance.
RoleA person’s identity within the project such as product owner/customer, project manager, developer, or tester
ScribeThe person who documents meetings and modeling sessions
Scrum TeamA self-organizing, cross-functional group of individuals who do the work of the Scrum
ScrumMasterThe servant leader and facilitator who ensures that the Scrum process is followed, that Scrum is used in a positive way by the team, and that the team is continually improving in its use of Scrum
Self-Organizing TeamA team formation type that defines a team able to function without centralized control.
Servant LeaderA leader whose focus is on providing what the team needs, removing roadblocks, and performing tasks that will support and improve team productivity
Servant LeadershipThe approach of leading the team with a focus on the needs of the team members to attempt to maximize the highest possible team results.
Situational LeadershipThe adaptation of leadership to the task at hand and in consideration of the maturity of the team
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SponsorThe person or group responsible for providing resources and reinforcement for the project and for enabling the project to realize its objectives
Subject Matter ExpertAny person who has deep, specialized knowledge of a subject
T-ShapedA general reference to a person that has deep knowledge or experience in one area, and a broad ability in other required areas needed by the team.
Tacit KnowledgeIndividual knowledge (such as beliefs, experience, and insights) that can be difficult to express and share.
Team CharterA document that delineates team values, agreements, and operating guidelines and establishes clear expectations regarding acceptable behavior by project team members.
Team DevelopmentThe creation of individual and team skills to maximize project output
Team DynamicsThe manner in which team members interact with each other
Team Management PlanA component of the resource management plan that delineates the manner and timing in which team members are acquired and released.
Team Performance DomainThe performance domain associated with the team that will create the project deliverables to realize the desired project outcomes.
Team Resource ManagementThe processes to organize, lead, and manage the project team. Processes to procure and manage physical (non-personnel) project resources are also included.
Team-Building ActivitiesFacilitated by the project manager or other leader, formal or informal steps taken to help the team evolve into a high performing group.
Theory XThe hypothesis that management’s role is to direct, and if necessary, coerce the employee in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization
Theory YThe hypothesis that management’s role is to develop employee potential and help them release that potential to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization
Thumb VoteAgreement (thumbs-up) or disagreement (thumbs-down) with a statement, idea, or proposal; also called a Roman Vote
UnanimityA decision with which all group members concurred
Virtual TeamA group of people with similar goals who form a team but spend little (if any) time together
War RoomA room shared by project personnel that can be used for planning and meetings, and display charts, graphs, and various other project information
Work ShadowingAn approach where someone can learn about and perform a job while learning from someone with more experience, including a mentor.
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