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Free PMP Terms and Definitions

Understanding common project management terms can be a challenge for all project managers. To help you understand those terms and definitions Crosswind Project Management has created a free to use glossary to help in your pmp training. In this page you will find the terms and definitions associated within the component areas of framework to get a better understanding of how this process works and relates to project management.

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Affinity Diagram A tool used to gather ideas and organize them into groupings so they can be reviewed and analyzed; typically used for ideas generated from brainstorming sessions
Affinity GroupingThe process to group similar items into the same category.
Context Diagrams A graphical representation of the scope of a business system that includes processes, equipment, and computer systems and indicates the manner in which people and other systems interact with the business system
Decomposition The process of breaking down the work of the project into smaller, more controllable components
Deliverable Any product, result, or service that must be generated to complete a process, phase, or project
Facilitated Workshop A focused session involving cross-functional stakeholders and a designated leader that is conducted to achieve a specific goal, such as the creation of project requirements
Features The characteristics that the user desires built into a product
Interviews A focused session involving individual stakeholders and a designated leader that is conducted to elicit specific information
Mind-Mapping A technique used to integrate ideas created through individual brainstorming sessions into a single map in order to highlight similarities and differences in understanding and generate new ideas.
MoSCoW A model for prioritization that categorizes features as Must Have, Should Have, Could Have, Won’t Have [we use KANO instead]
Nominal Group Technique A technique, effected by a voting process, that is used to prioritize ideas by utility for further brainstorming
Planning PackageA WBS component that has no detailed scheduled activities even though it is known to have work content
Plurality The votes of the largest block in a group when a majority is not required, typically used to denote agreement with a decision
Product Scope The features and functions of a project's product, service, or result
Project RequirementsThe conditions or capabilities that a product, service, or outcome should preform when complete.
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Project ScopeThe work executed to deliver a product, service, or result that satisfies the specified features and functions
Project Scope ManagementThe processes required to ensure that all the work needed to complete the project, and only that work, is included in the project
Project Scope StatementThe document that describes the major deliverables, assumptions, constraints, and scope of the project
QuestionnairesWritten surveys designed to quickly gather information from a large number of respondents.
RequirementA condition or capability that must be made available through a product, service, or result in order to fulfill a contract or formal specification
Requirements DocumentationA document that describes requirements for creating a product or a feature of the product
Requirements Management PlanThe document, part of the project or program management plan, used to describe the evaluation, recording, and administration of project requirements
Requirements Traceability MatrixA graphical representation that illustrates the relationships between the origins of the product requirements to the deliverables that fulfill the requirements
ScopeThe products, services, and results expected to be provided by the project
Scope BaselineThe authorized scope statement, WBS, and WBS dictionary that contain only those modifications authorized through a formal change control process; used as a basis for comparison
Scope Management PlanThe document, part of the project or program management plan, used to the manner in which the project scope will be delineated, elaborated, monitored, controlled, and authenticated
TraceabilityThe practice of defining the relationships between different artifacts (e.g., documents, models, and source code)
WBS DictionaryA document that itemizes deliverable, activity, and scheduling information for each WBS component
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)A document used in traditional project management that itemizes the work decomposed from the project scope statement
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