Boot Camp And PMP Scheduling

Boot Camp And PMP Scheduling

As one of the premier companies offering assistance with continuing education and project manager credential study, we know that your time is important. We’ve seen this up close and personal – students getting in touch with us to ask about how quickly they can gear up for a particular exam or certification process. We see when students don’t have a lot of time to spare, where they are juggling a lot of tasks, and need to fit training in.

With that in mind, we have revolutionized our curriculum and training to help it fit into your schedule. That’s a big part of what we offer to our career pros who see the value fo this kind of learning and how it applies to their lives.

Your Challenges

Busy professionals don’t have a lot of time to complete professional continuing education. In fact, they often need to be able to pursue learning in a customized way.

This is particularly true if you’re one of those many career professionals who is switching jobs on a regular basis to recognize new opportunity, or where your existing role requires a lot of wearing different hats and a tight schedule. Modern business life is fast-paced and we hear about that from a lot of the people who have goals related to training for these certifications.

Conventional coursework may not be possible in these types of situations. That’s why we put together alternatives like our PMP boot camp where you can learn on a quick schedule over irregular hours and get the certification resources that you need to advance quickly. That kind of agile learning is really a sign of our times. As one of our students told us recently: “It just kind of feels like you can’t catch your breath anymore – and you don’t have the luxury of messing around half the day.” The mandate, for many professionals, is to move quickly and decisively.

Virtual Learning

Having our virtual classroom alternatives in place was part of what sustained us through the last year during pandemic closures and restrictions.

But it’s also critically important in scheduling, too. Having the virtual component means you can join from wherever you happen to be, meaning that vacations, trade conferences, business trips and other concerns are less of a problem with this type of scheduling and logistics. Is that a convenience or a necessity? That depends on your situation.

Take a look at our catalog of training and resources for PMP certifications. We are among the best in the business, and we have your best interests in mind.

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