pmp exam bootcamp manuals

PMP Exam Bootcamp Manuals

Part of preparing students for taking a PMP exam involves offering a unique set of resources that is accessible, comprehensive and concise.

Too many companies take a broader scattershot approach to PMP education or some other type of test assistance. They simply combine a broad array of information, and put it in a random format, and expect students to do the rest of the work.

That’s not what we’re about here. By designing specialized curriculum that guides students to achievement paradigms, we bring a higher-level approach to PMP test prep.

You can check out our PMP exam bootcamp manuals online to get a better idea of how this works. Here are some of the elements that are important in these test assistance packages.


Short quizzes have always been a benchmark for educational achievement. Learning in bite-size packages gives students the confidence and engagement they need to proceed toward eventual test-taking success. Our quizzes are designed that way, as a kind of breadcrumb approach to building a knowledge base for a particular PMP test.


Why is a glossary important?

A lot of experts would say that it’s primarily because of the jargon or technical language in many professional fields.

You’ll see that our glossaries include hundreds of terms. That’s by design, because the terminology is a part of the technique and a part of the experience. People learn by immersion, but they also learn by researching a glossary that has definitions for all of those terms that would otherwise be brand-new to them, either in a test or on the street.


This one is more specific to PMP itself. In project management, experts refer to items called ITTOs, which is an abbreviation for “inputs, tools techniques, and outputs.”

ITTOs may include input such as business documents, tools and techniques such as specialized meetings to establish benchmarks, and outputs like a project charter.

By including resources on all of these types of ITTOs, our PMP exam bootcamp manual gets students closer to the realistic outcomes they’ll expect on a test, and later in their desired careers.

Exam Simulation

After all of this, we also have specific exam simulation modules included in the package.

This is where you start to exercise that knowledge base for more real-time practice and get ready to take the actual exam. This is where the rubber meets the road! We know you’ll do well if you studied our packages, because they are made for real test prep and success. 

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