Project Management In Tech: How Does That Work?

Project Management In Tech: How Does That Work?

What is the importance and significance of project management in the technology field?

It’s an excellent question, and one that sheds light on how today’s modern IT business works.

You might think that only those certified in certain programming languages and technical skills have a chance to work their way up the career ladder when it comes to IT. But in one significant sense, you’d be wrong. Experts show how PMP certifications and experience can lead to high-paid IT careers, especially for those who understand the landscape of the software engineering industry, or the overall utility of AI/ML, or some other major tech trend enveloping business today. Here’s more about how PMP applies.

The Project Economy

In IT and much of the rest of the business world, there’s the sense that we’ve moved into what you might call the ‘project economy.’ That means all kinds of processes and deliverables are based on the same types of project models. It also means that technical projects can benefit from having someone involved who has a general project credential, like PMP certification. In other words, because of the broad utilization of the project model, the PMP cert becomes more broadly useful.

The Cloud, Etc.

The cloud revolution is now in full swing, and businesses are modernizing by moving to cloud service models and virtualization setups that make yesterday’s hardware systems obsolete.

However, that also is where project management professionals can be involved. With a little bit of knowledge and experience in these types of project management, they help to ensure that business projects are a net positive, and not a minefield for the business as it moves forward.

The Role of the Project Management Professional

Sitting in the junction of process work when it comes to IT, the PMP will have the responsibility to keep track of all the moving parts of the project, and make sure that it is done appropriately from start to finish. Specific timelines will often apply, and these will likely be some of the deliverables that the PMP takes charge of. In general, this professional will work with technical experts to come up with working logistical models for whatever the enterprise is trying to do in terms of IT modernization or anything else.

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