Tips For Preparing For The CAPM Exam

Tips For Preparing For The CAPM Exam

Project management is a field that is limitless in opportunity. With the boom of IT-centered companies and services, the profession of project management has become a popular career for detail-oriented people who want to excel. The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is the entry-level certification for those who choose to begin a project manager career. If you are interested in project management as a career, here are some tips to help you prepare to pass the CAPM.

Guided Vs. Self-Directed

According to the CAPM handbook, project managers can be subject to an audit process of their credentials. While most applicants are not audited, it is wise to be prepared for any scenario. One of the items of the audit is project management education validation. Project managers must have a certificate or letter of accomplishment from a registered education provider signifying that proper training was completed.

Whether you prepare for your CAPM with guided or self-directed courses, ensure the result is a certificate of completion or something similar that proves you completed the course.

Guided CAPM Courses

Many registered education providers offer courses in classes and online that a facilitator attends. These courses are guided courses and provide students with the educational tools and professional insights necessary to pass the CAPM and excel as a project managers.

Self-directed CAPM Courses

Self-directed CAPM courses provide project management training at a self-paced rate which is popular among working individuals who lack the time necessary to attend facilitated classes. The self-directed courses incorporate various educational tools and learning platforms that provide both education and support for the student as they learn at their own pace. Many self-directed course subscriptions last a long time, enabling students to revisit material and tests before taking the CAPM.

Use Only Updated Materials

One of the mistakes that people make when preparing for the CAPM is using the wrong or outdated materials. Any CAPM study material you use should reference the latest editions of coursework to ensure you receive the up-to-date information required to pass the exam. You can check the acknowledgment, foreword, or introduction section of books and in the initial chapters of audiobooks and instructional videos for the date of the material.

Familiarize Yourself With The CAPM Exam Outline

The CAPM exam content outline describes how the exam will be presented. The exam outline will be helpful when you review your knowledge of the project manager training materials. By going through the sections on the outline in sequential and random order, you will be more likely to recognize where your focus for study should be.

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