What's In Your Suit Pocket?

What’s In Your Suit Pocket?

As individual professionals strive to advance their own careers, it might occur to them to think about what the average successful executive or business person’s career looks like.

One thing though find is that certifications are a core component of advancing in many parts of the business world.

The certifications are the proof of expertise. Anybody can wear a suit, but part of what makes a practical business person with utility to a firm is his or her credentials and specifically, certifications that show these people have studied the skills that make them valuable for project management or anything else

Online and real-world value

Of course there’s a place on LinkedIn for your certifications. The designers of that platform recognized why people obtain credentials like these and how important it is to present them to the world.

But these certifications can be valuable in real life too, in interview or on-site where you’re actually getting involved in an employer or potential employer’s business operations, putting your hands to work and setting your eyes on what a company is doing.

In fact, many of our clients would say that’s one of the times that they felt most successful in obtaining this kind of knowledge. Hands-on situations show why these certifications are important and why course designers include certain kinds of information.

That’s why someone might phrase it this way: “what’s in your suit pocket?” It’s kind of like those credit card commercials where Samuel L. Jackson yells at you – only perhaps less annoying, and more relevant to actual workplace success. Again, anyone can take out a credit card, but investing in professional education takes patience, although it can provide a big payout in the end.

A Good Partner

At Crosswind, we help individuals to prepare for the PMP exam and the CAPM exam, live or remotely. We also help with a range of consulting services, and you may not know this, but we offer professional publishing and printing, too. Check that out if you need a reliable place to go for publishing and print production. However, the core of our business is in helping our professional audience to really thrive in PMP and related areas of work. In testimonials posted to the site, you can see how valuable this is to students who are doing their best to “climb the ladder” and eventually, arrive at a real destination, as a thought leader and valuable authority on project management, etc. Let us help you to get where you want to go, with top-tier exam prep and development services.

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