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At the end of the day, what is good exam prep work about?

It’s about teaching to the test – preparing students for a particular certification – and making sure that there’s ‘meat and potatoes’ in the curriculum that’s provided.

Too many companies operate with what some might describe as a window-dressing approach. They’ll talk about the PMP exam or related exams, and give some smooth talking points and tips, but the detailed guidance may not be there underneath it all, at least not in ways that a lot of students can access and digest through the material. 

Here are some of the components of how we provide essential curriculum for PMP and more.


On our website, you can see our variety of available classes for PMP, CAPM, PMI-ACP and other options in both virtual and classroom contexts.

The classes are a key part of preparing students. Sometimes there is no substitute for a lecture-based and interactive classroom environment to get people further toward their goal of mastering the content that gets them these PMP certifications, and boosts their careers for the long term. That’s the goal, in many cases, and people have good, solid plans – they just need the mastery. 

We also cover agile practices and techniques like scrum, which can be intuitive ways to advance your career, especially with effective course learning. Some of our students pair this work with exploration of technologies like virtual hardware and processes like devops that innovate the software CICD process. 

Other Resources

Another main component of what we offer is colloquially known as bookwork.

Here it’s important to have the right formats and content that students can dig through, to get just what they need for a particular study guide.

With that in mind, we have put effort into not only including the course content material, but making it searchable and transparent to students.

As we mentioned in a blog post a few months ago, it’s essentially important for people in many industries like technology, hospitalities and construction, to have a good certification background.

Come out of our program with a deep understanding of PMP requirements and the context for the certifications in modern careers. At Crosswinds, we have the reputation to back our assertions that we truly serve students, and the outreach to get you connected with a program that works. If you’re interested in mastering any of these valuable certs, you owe it to yourself to give our curriculum a try. 

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