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Three Of Today’s Top Careers

We’ve all been asked the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up” but many of us still have no clue what we want to do as a career. There are so many choices for professions that it can be overwhelming, and unless you are interested in a particular subject, it can be challenging to choose a direction to head. To help you make a career path choice, we have compiled a list of the three of today’s top careers that virtually anyone could get started on with a little bit of education and commitment.

Data Analysts Are In High Demand

A lucrative career to pursue is that of a data analyst. Data analysts specialize in gathering, sorting, and interpreting data in large volumes to help businesses optimize performance. The technology field has seen a massive spike in popularity recently, and it appears that the need for data analysts will continue to increase as technology advances and businesses grow. As a data analyst, you can use specialized computer software such as Microsoft Excel and access to help you manage and interpret data. The average salary of a data analyst is around fifty thousand dollars a year, but a six-figure salary is not uncommon.

Project Management Is A Broad Field

Another position many young people are turning towards is project management. Project management involves the planning, organizing, and managing of various projects for corporations. As a project manager, you will be expected to have good leadership skills and exceptional organizational abilities. Project management is often overlooked when people consider career choices, but being a project manager can have extreme benefits. You will gain beneficial knowledge of leadership and organization, which can help you when you move up to higher-level positions. Project managers are hired by many different industries and are highly sought after for their skill set. 

Bookkeeping Continues To Be A Steady Career

Finally, a classic choice and fun career, we have accounting. Accounting is bookkeeping and involves managing and keeping track of a company’s numerous different financial statements. Most people think accounting consists of much, high-level math when that is not the case in reality. Accounting uses basic math skills and is more about problem-solving and making sure account statements are added up correctly. If you enjoy solving puzzles and analyzing information to help a business plan for the future, then a position in accounting could be the perfect fit for you. You can start learning about accounting and bookkeeping online.

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