3. Training Required for the PMP Exam

Project Management Institute (PMI)® requires at least 35 contact hours (classroom hours) of training for the Project Management Professional (PMP)âExam. They are extremely flexible with what counts in this area and it DOES NOT expire.

That said, I STRONGLY suggest that you not try to add up every class you have ever taken on anything related to project management, then buy a book and study on your own. An exam prep course like Crosswind offers gets you ready for the exam, helps you with the application, the trainer/coach is there to make sure you are where you need to be come exam time, etc.

In selecting training you could go with a classroom, virtual live or self paced course. They all have advantages depending upon your needs and study approach. I see a lot of people take our virtual live or classroom courses because they want a live trainer and commonly have a challenge finding time to study on their own in a self paced environment. Self paced isn’t a bad option if you are highly disciplined and very structured. If that doesn’t sound like you, I STRONGLY suggest a live classroom or live virtual course.

It’s also a good idea to look at what the specific training company does after your initial class? For example, if life gets busy, or you fail the exam, do you get to attend classes at no extra charge, or what are the specific options? At Crosswind you are able to attend as many classes as needed. The only additional cost is if materials are updated. This normally occurs every five years, so unless you are seriously detained on a project, you should be safe on material updates.

For more information email info@crosswindpm.com or call 214-764-1338 X1 or go to www.crosswindpm.com, to learn more about Crosswind options to take your career and earnings to the next level, the “Crosswind Way!”

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