8. Chose the Best Option for the PMP Exam Questions

In the almost 20 years I have started doing Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam courses I still see people have issues with how to attack the questions. The thing is if you start a question with the wrong approach, your odds of getting that question and future questions correct go down significantly.

Project Management Institute (PMI)® Exams (including the PMP Exam) are famous for having multiple right answers, or no real answer that is right and you have to select the best of what’s there. I cannot emphasize strongly enough, if you are drawn to a certain answer STICK TO IT, unless you realize you mis-interpreted something. This is easier to type and read than do, but I can tell you I see many a student tell me they had certain answers correct, and changed them to other answers on a course exit exam. They tell me they should have listened and did what I had told them. Follow these instructions starting with your practice exams. Carry them through to the real exam.

If you start a questions by reading the last sentence first, you can see what you are specifically being asked about. That let’s you focus on the situation knowing what the expected outcome should be.

Generally there will be something in a question that can connect to each of the four answers. If you focus on the wrong thing, it can steer you to the wrong answer. Thus, it’s key to be sure you focus on what is the most important from the PMI perspective.

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