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Some Unlikely Fields for Project Managers

The role of a project manager is becoming increasingly important in a wider variety of industries.

For example, you might expect to see a project manager working in a call center, or managing Amazon warehouse workers. However, the contexts in which these professionals work is becoming more diverse. Companies are realizing that the appeal of a PM is broad, and these talented individuals can handle all sorts of management roles. 

Here are some high-level fields that are actively looking for project managers around the world.

The Financial Services Industry

Finance is critically important. How we treat our money determines outcomes in our fast-paced business world, and even in consumer finance.

Retail has its own universe of financial tools and realities, too. Then there’s the world of the investor, which is vast.

Project managers are often sought to help financial services firms optimize their reach and their service as a whole.

A project manager might delegate the work of analysts or financial advisors, or remediate problems with some service pipeline, or work on outreach around a given product or fund. Finance is also an exciting field to work in right now because of how blockchain and digital assets are creating rapid disruption. So a PM that likes the cutting edge of finance may very well have a solid role at a large bank or another financial firm. 

Construction and Engineering

Yes, project managers are often widely in demand in the construction field.

We’ve seen how construction remains somewhat recession-proof, where demand persists even in downturns.

Then, too, we see that construction projects benefit from highly capable administration from the job site to headquarters.

The project manager may or may not be on site. He or she will often be working with the detailed planning documents to optimize a construction project, or to make sure that it’s going well, for example, that assets are allocated correctly.

Medicine and Pharmaceuticals

Project managers are also instrumental in healthcare outcomes.

Some of them may be based in hospitals, but others are often installed in pharmaceutical facilities where clean rooms, sophisticated line processes, and key bioscience benchmarks apply.

The project manager will look to create a chain of quality in these industries just like many others.

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