4. PMP Exam Application Details

In our previous email we clarified a large number of items that often create confusion or issues when someone is attempting to complete the application.

Everyone’s experience is going to be different on the exam application, but here is how I suggest you start. START! First decide if you are going to be a Project Management Institute (PMI)® member. If so, do that first, then start the application. After that, just remember, you DO NOT need to do everything at once. You can fill out the pieces you know and come back and revisit the pieces you need to clarify or elaborate.

  1. What is your name, address, phone number, email address
  2. Where did you go to school (Full address, google it if needed)
  3. What is your employer’s information for the project(s) (again google if needed)
  4. List each project that comes to mind starting most recently and going backwards (estimate month durations if needed)
  5. Who are you going to list for your point of contact on each project? Remember it doesn’t need to be a boss, but someone who can validate you did what you said you did.
  6. Are you projects similar? Do your projects produce a similar outcome? For example your company installs building utility software that is customized for every customer. If this is the case your descriptions are likely going to be very similar from project to project.
  7. REMEMBER! It’s a work in process! You don’t have to do everything at once. You can change things as well. Put some placeholders in the application, come back and adjust, you can always save and change it (other than training hours). It’s not official until you SUBMIT!

For more information email info@crosswindpm.com or call 214-764-1338 X1 or go to www.crosswindpm.com, to learn more about Crosswind options to take your career and earnings to the next level, the “Crosswind Way!”



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