6. The PMP Exam Audit

I have heard various things from people over the years about the Project Management Institute (PMI)® audit process. The majority of these things I hear from people are incorrect. Here are the basics of the PMI audit process.

  1. The audit process tests the application process, not your application. PMI audits 10% of applications to randomly ensure that people have done what they are claiming they have done.
  2. If they ask for more information on your application, or for clarification of something, that is not an audit. That is simply them reviewing your application.
  3. PMI requires you to provide copies (pictures work) of your degree/diploma, completion certificates from you training and signed/sealed experience forms for your projects.
  4. PMI is not going to call your boss about this. Ok, generally it will be an extreme exception before they would. This would only be the case if your boss or someone is unwilling to sign the experience verification forms.
  5. When you have the copies/pictures of the degree/diploma, completion certificate and signed/sealed experience verification forms, I suggest you send them to PMI HQ via usps return receipt requested. Also keep a copy of your completion certificates and degree/diplomas for yourself.

Once the audit process is complete you will be notified via email that you have passed the audit and the next steps will start. The next step typically is scheduling the exam for most PMI credentials.

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