9. Brain Dump

The brain dump is a great thing. This is one of the things I reinforce to students when they start to take Crosswind classes and attack the exam The Crosswind Way. A few years ago the brain dump rules changed. The current rules force you to watch the full online tutorial and start the exam before copying any form of brain dump. Once you start the test this is where you can copy anything you want (from memory) on your exam scratch paper. I STRONGLY suggest you copy the ENTIRE Crosswind Quick Reference Guide. I also suggest you copy anything that is not on there that you might have issue with on the exam. You will be copying all 49 processes, various formulas, key lists, etc.

Many have asked me why they need to do this? The bottom line is this, the exam is stressful. You can start the test and have a brain freeze, or going from one topic to another you might forget or confuse something. The brain dump helps you keep things straight.

Many students have told me that they NEVER looked at what they wrote down during the real exam. I knew why, but I asked them nonetheless. They said it was because they knew the information. I ask why they knew the information? They said it was because they had been copying the brain dump.

If you have no issues, you will copy it, know it, and not have to look it up. One of my students told me after passing the exam that she couldn’t remember the communications channels formula for her brain dump. She tried every way to back into it and just couldn’t come up with it. She still passed the test. This is a perfect example of why you might feel comfortable with the information, then have a brain freeze and can look it up on your brain dump.

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