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A Rung Up the Ladder

A Rung Up the Ladder

Why get project management certifications? We think this question really answers itself, but we hear it said from time to time. Here are some of the reasons that so many aspiring career types come to us for PMP and related certifications.

A Changing Industry – And A Changing Business World

Project management is becoming more a stock in trade in all sorts of markets and fields.

For example, where project management used to be seen as a pretty intangible white-collar type of knowledge work, it’s now being applied to service models, for example, in interior design and various types of trades work, and even in other industries like defense contracting or transportation. Someone who might’ve been called a crew chief or boss in a prior time now utilizes project management credentials and methods to keep jobs moving smoothly. So it’s a kind of broad-based designation that dwells in between those traditional labels of blue-collar and white-collar work that are now becoming blurred and blended together in a changing economy. That’s good news for people who want to invest in a PMP or PMI cert, because they know that these credentials will be widely valued on the job market.

A Choice for Success

Project management certifications and credentials can also be a powerful way to move up in a business, even if you did not invest in the traditional four-year degree.

One of the big obstacles for networking companies and professionals is how to achieve skills certifications and prove one’s mettle without higher education. A college degree doesn’t always translate to superior skills in the project management area, but without some way to certify someone, it’s hard to be able to value their career profile and move them up the ladder if they don’t have the degree. A project manager skill set and credential can be a good stand-in for the four-year degree that has become increasingly expensive and a burden around the necks of those paying off student loan debt over long periods of time.

Practical Concerns

At Crosswind Learning, we offer all sorts of resources for project management certifications and additional career-enhancing trainings. Take a look at our blended classes, as well as particular resources for students, and find out more about how to use a certified associate (CAPM), PMI agile certificate (PMI-ACP) or other credential to springboard your career. We make it our business to fully support our students with a philosophy of business that fits today’s workplace needs. Let us help to put you on a path to greater success, as we’ve done with so many students in the past. Learn more by browsing the site and considering the various courses that will guide you toward PM mastery.

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