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PMP Exam Updates for January 2021

July 2020 Release:  Crosswind Learning announces new Crosswind Success Series:  Project Management Professional (PMP)® Bootcamp Manual Version 6.1.

Crosswind Learning will have our newest bootcamp manual for the PMP® Exam in July 2020.

Earlier in 2020 PMI® announced that they will be doing an updated exam content outline, based on a new role delineation study.  The PMP® Exam will change to reflect this update on January 2, 2021.

The newest Crosswind Learning bootcamp manual, Version 6.1, will reflect the updates to the new exam content outline from PMI® including people, processes and business environment.  The new manual will include errata updates from Version 6.0 – Third Printing, as well as some totally new assets to help facilitate experiential learning.

The new assets (based on the Project Management Institute, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) – Sixth Edition, Project Management Institute, Inc., 2017), include over 60 project management templates that align with documents that are created withPMBOK®Guide Processes, including Agile templates.  Also, we are excited to announce over 70 videos to supplement the classroom experience and self-studying, using our manual.  The videos include a video for each of the 49 Processes, ten Knowledge Areas, five Process Groups and Calculations, such as step-by-step for Earned Value, Forward/Backward Pass, Communication Channels, Expected Monetary Value/Decision Tree, and Point of Total Assumption (PTA).

Pricing is unchanged from Version 6.0.

Crosswind CEO and Chief Product Owner, Tony Johnson had the following to say about this update:  “The updates to this manual are a continuation of our 2018 momentum.  In our 20th year in business, we won the PMI® Dallas Company of the Year Award after releasing our first book for the current PMBOK® Guide.  Version 6.1 is the 40th book I have authored for project management related topics.  This version also includes the most aggressive use of various tools to accelerate learning and practical application.  This goes back to the vision I have had since day one of having a “complete and whole” product for Project Management Practitioners to use with Crosswind products.  This new version is a win/win for the end user and trainer/school/PMI® Chapter, to maximize the learning experience.”

Crosswind will also have updated PowerPoint slides to align with the new Version 6.1 PMP® Bootcamp Manual.

Crosswind 3-Day, 4-Day and 5-Day classes available for licensing will be updated to reflect the new Version 6.1 PMP® Bootcamp Manual.

Finally, Crosswind Author and Founder Tony Johnson will be available to help training organizations transition to the new version, as needed.

With Crosswind, it’s never been easier to implement affordable, world class courseware for your students.


For information, pricing, and more details contact Crosswind General Manager, Denise Nichols or 214.764.1338 X1.