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Project Management in Today’s World

The project manager is the consummate modern professional. You might call a project manager a jack of all trades, in the sense that they have broad roles and responsibilities and operate in a wide spectrum of industries.

A project manager may be involved in the mechanical production of some custom run products. Or he or she might be overseeing software development. A project manager may be working on service business accounts. It’s a very diverse enterprise world, and project managers play a key role.

Here are some of the core things that employers look for in a professional project manager.

Communication Skills

As with other types of similar professionals, project managers benefit from having good verbal and written communication skills.

To the extent that people can read your memos and come away with an impression of professionalism and expertise, you’re going to be better positioned to advance your project management career over time.

You’ll see some of this hinted at in job ads and in training courses for project management. It’s a key part of best practices and something that coaches or trainers will often tell you to focus on as you go forward in professional development. 

Critical Thinking

Problem-solving is also one of those things that’s important for a wide range of professionals, but clearly valuable in a project manager role.

One example is timeline delays. Several key components of handling these issues involve looking for ways to get the project back on track, mitigating the fallout from any delay, and preserving the quality of process or compliance with any necessary industry standards. This often directly addresses certain important kinds of risk mitigation, and for a PM, knowing more upfront can be highly valuable. 

So that’s also another aspect of being a high-quality project manager.

Training and Credentials

For some companies, the proof is in the pudding. They’ll be wanting to see credentials that demonstrate professional expertise. In some cases, project manager credentials can even substitute for a level of education. For instance, a professional may not have completed a full four-year university degree, but with the right PMP credentials, it may have significant value to a particular company or firm in a given field. 

Our courses are designed to help project managers to exemplify thought leadership and demonstrate expertise. Take a look at what Crosswind Learning offers and ask us if you have any questions about logistics. We love helping professionals to thrive in today’s business world!

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