The Most Important Qualities of the Best Project Managers

The Most Important Qualities of the Best Project Managers

If you are a project manager and stand out as a top project manager, you will always be in high demand. Additionally, stakeholders will trust you more, and they will compete to work with you. Even better, people will be more willing to listen to what you have to say.

Regardless of what you are trying to build, the top PMs are always going to be in high demand for modern organizations across the world. Do you want to know what makes a top PM? If so, you are in the right place. Along with the proper training, a top PM should possess the following qualities and characteristics. 

Build Trust with the Members of Your Team

Trust is a crucial part of any team. It is often written and talked about, but it is not seen in action very often when trying to run a project. Having trust in your project management process is something that has been recognized by various project management organizations.

According to some organizations in the field, it is believed that trust is one of the top three factors that help uphold the empirical control over a project. This same trend of building trust is found in LEAN and other common and widely used methodologies. You may wonder what blockers are keeping PMs from developing real trust with the rest of their team.

The most common answer to this question is a “blame culture.” To help build trust, a PM needs to create a proper environment that includes comfort and transparency in the teams. This is because people will perform better in an environment where they can make mistakes and express themselves.

Ability to Engage with Stakeholders to Provide What They Need

When you are a project manager, you likely know that many software products wind up delivering something besides what stakeholders needed or wanted. This issue occurs because of many factors.

However, even in today’s era of Agile Development, the wrong thing may be created. While stakeholder analysis is important, even more, important is asking the right question in the beginning – why is this being done? If you fail to do this, the project may be initiated incorrectly, which will result in it falling into the trap of creating a solution that never addressed the true need of the business.

This is not the only question you must ask. It would help if you also asked why and to whom to ensure that stakeholders are getting the solutions needed.

Being an Effective Project Manager

As a project manager, you have a lot on your plate. You have a lot to deal with and consider. Considering the factors here, it is possible to be the PM that your team needs and help ensure success for projects, regardless of their scope. Being informed and knowing what to expect are the best ways to be an effective and successful project manager that leads a team that always achieves their goals.

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